Tuesday 10 November 

Theme: What is this new world? 


Session 1 – Political and economic landscape  

10:30 – 12:00 

Speaker - Rory Sutherland, Vice Chairman at Ogilvy UK 

Session summary - Rory tells us in his mesmerising way about just how different markets are going to be, how customers will be in short supply, and how the key to success in the future will be all about marketing, influence, and persuasion.  

Speaker – Chris Wilkins, Managing Partner at Audley, former Director of Strategy & Chief Speechwriter for Prime Minister, Theresa May

Session summary -  In a world where political decisions are affecting whether you can leave your home or go to the pub and each day bringing a new decision, how do you keep up? Chris will be giving his insight on the political landscape in 2021 and beyond. Covering topics such as Brexit, the four nations, US election and of course the pandemic. Chris will also share his experience from his time in government.


12:00 – 12:30 - BREAK 


Session 2 – Media landscape and how the industry is changing 

12:30 – 14:00 

Speaker – Will Moy, CEO at Full Fact 

Session summary -  In this session Will is going to discuss the importance of understanding how the changing media landscape is leading to dis/misinformation being consumed by the public and what communications professional need to be aware of when planning campaigns. As well as understanding how to combat misleading information if/when it happens to your company/employer or client. He will also cover combatting dis/misinformation during covid, as well as the long-term impact of dis/misinformation on our politics.


Speaker –  Joanna Abeyie MBE, founder of Blue Moon and Director at The Media Society

Session summary - Using examples, Joanna will explore the changed media landscape and what different communities and generations are using to consume media. She will also cover the increased awareness of organisations; their diversity and inclusive communications and how best to reach those audiences in an authentic manner. Finally Joanna will explore how things can go wrong and what you should avoid in your own campaigns.


14:00 – 14:30 - BREAK


Session 3 – Essential Future Skills 

14:30 – 16:00 

Speaker – Graeme Codrington, Futurist, researcher, author and board advisor 

Session summary -  What do you and your teams need to know to be prepared for the future business? Hear from Graeme, who will talk us through what disruptors are out there (not just a pandemic!), and what you as an individual and team can do to prepare in the short and long term. How to future proof your employees, teams, clients as well as looking at what skills will be crucial to be ‘future-fit’. You will leave with a clear idea as to what the future will demand of you and how to prepare for that future today.


Speaker –  Philip Ross, Founder and CEO at Unwork 
Session summary - Philip Ross, Futurist and CEO, explores how the world of work is evolving. A big advocate of the power of technology and its potential to disrupt and transform the way we work and live, join Philip as he investigates the driving forces enabling workplace change. In his presentation, he will cover key workplace trends such as smart buildings, digital transformation, new ways of working and many other cutting-edge ideas to present his vision of the future of work and workplace.